Deliver outside the Circle…….not the box

Perfection is unrealistic, but we manage to be as close as possible.

It's not about unrealistic expectations, it's about managing them to success. Here's our philosophy: Be PREPARED… Our experience and knowledge will help avoid costly mistakes and allow us to shift gears quickly and effectively for success.

JB&J was formed in 2003 to give clients an alternative solution to the "normal" for event development and management. We're flexible to build the best team(s) specifically for your project. In other words, we eliminate the unnecessary overhead to maximize your budget dollars.

JB&J focuses on providing the ultimate customer service, support and solutions. With our network of suppliers, we can fabricate your exhibit/event in New Jersey, Tampa or Las Vegas. Finding creative and cost effective solutions has been our trademark since inception.

Our depth of experience in creating Strategic Environments for any marketing objective means you can rely on us for the best solution for a successful event.